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Get Big With The Right Foods & Equipment

If you ask someone advice on how to get bulky, they say eat whenever you can. You might think it is right as eating more will help you quickly gain weight. It is entirely right, if you eat more, you will definitely gain weight but getting just fat and getting bulky is different. Gaining fat will not make you stronger but only look big.

There are two things you must do to get big. First, you’ve gotta find out what equipment that you need to get big. To learn more, please visit Just Home Gym for more info. You can also find out more about them here. The second thing is to eat the right foods. We’ve list the best foods to help you get big below.

To bulk up, you need to eat food that adds up mass on your body not fat. For that, eating the right kind of food is necessary. There are plenty of foods that help you achieve this. Here’s a list of such foods that you must include in your diet plan to gain muscles mass with minimum fat.

Bison or Lean Beef (Protein)

You need meat with less fat so choose which is labeled as loin or those with visible fat removed. Bison or lean beef are high in protein and give you calories for your daily diet the right way. These meats also contain creatine naturally and stearic acid, a kind of saturated fat that don’t affect cholesterol level. Learn more lean beef recipes here.

Chicken Thigh Skinless (Protein)

Skinless chicken is the best source of protein your body needs to grow muscles. It can be cooked in a variety of ways. Chicken breasts are fine too, but thighs are an excellent alternative for them. They contain added fat and smoother texture which not only give it extra flavor but more calories to your diet in a healthy manner. Learn more chicken thigh recipes here.

Rolled Oats (Carbohydrate)

Oats are an excellent way to meet your daily calories limit without filling yourself. You can take rolled oats directly for breakfast, make a smoothie or make it a complete pack of bodybuilding diet with peanut butter and flavored protein powder. Learn more rolled oats recipes here.

Sprouted Grain Breads (Carbohydrate)

These slices of bread are better than regular bread. Sprouted bread is prepared from grain that is sprouted which makes it lower in carbohydrates and more in protein. Sprouted grains control the body blood sugar better as it has lesser glycemic index compared to traditional bread. Your body needs better control of blood sugar as it balances the muscle and fat ratio which helps in bulking.

Quinoa (Carbohydrate)

Starchy carbohydrates are essential for your everyday diet. Make them part of your breakfast to start your day with calories you need for the rest of the day. These calories will help you with building up muscle mass rather than bulking on fat in your waistline.

Quinoa is originally South American grain. It can be eaten any way you like, in any meal of the day. Comparing to other grains, it has a high amount of protein, and it takes care of your daily needs of zinc as well. Learn more quinoa recipes here.

Avocado (Fat)

The right form of fat is essential for healthy growth of the body. Fat is a good source of meeting your daily calorie needs as they provide you twice the calories that carbohydrates and protein provide. This is good as you can easily meet your daily calories target and go above it. Fats also fuel your body with signaling molecules and create hormones that help in muscle growth.

The main ingredient in avocado useful for you is monounsaturated fats. These fats prevent the body to redistribute fats towards abs. Fats that don’t makes your belly bulky will bulk up your upper body. Avocado also provides fiber to your body. Learn more avocado recipes here.

Coconut Milk (Fat)

It is here to increase your daily calorie count. Add it to your everyday foods like protein shakes, yogurt or sautéed spinach and you will get more calories out of the regular food you eat without feeling full. Coconut milk contains MCTs that are saturated fats, digested and absorbed by the body in a different manner making it useable as energy and not stored in the body as fat. Learn more coconut milk recipes here.

Extra-Virgin Olive-Oil (Fat)

The main ingredient in your diet that you should use throughout the day is salads with olive oil dressing. Olive oil is good for your cardiovascular health and contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that levels the oxidative stress in your body created during training. Learn more olive oil recipes here.